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they see out of washington. a lot of people voting for the president thought they were voting for somebody more centrist or left of center. they're seeing a party of the left wing pushing an ideological agenda at a time people are worried about the economy, their jobs, their income, what's happening in their neighborhoods sothy see a disconnect between what they're worried about every single day and that they see their government doing and politicians doing. >> neil: a lot of the victorious candidates we've seen, virginia, in new jersey, and potentially massachusetts, they've not exactly reached across the aisle but returned to republican roots. not to be democrat-liked as someone phrased t do you agree with that or how would you describe it. >> every case is different but fundamentally what is happening is those people, chris cristie, bob mcdonald, scott brown are talking about basic things. they're worried about the tax burden, worried about the level of spending that's occurring right now. most people know at a gut level this has to be paid for. in terms of healthcare, 85% of americans
'll be in washington for that. it's a freeze with big exceptions like social security and medicare. does it sound weird. former ebay boss knows a thing or two about good deals and for taxpayers this isn't a good deal so she's run for governor and has a new book, the power of money, values for success in business and in life. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> you can't pick and choose across the board cuts, right? >> i think they have to be across the board. we have an enormous deficit and you have to look at every department and line item to get it back in shame. that's he self-evident. >> neil: a lot of republicans rejected this commission but at least it would have absolved then of onus on the ideas zing the american people want congress to be accountable and the president accountable. >> neil: but they're not. >> we have to find a way for the president and congress to lead on getting costs down at the federal government. the bad news, we have a government we can no longer afford and we better face up and start to figure out how to get it back into line with what we can afford. >> neil: yo
inside baseball in washington, d.c. and the poor judgment senator reid exercised. but we know that he's been exercising poor judgment on policy. that's more troublesome concern to me and i think the voters in nevada recognize that senator reid is not the kind of leader for their state right now and i think he's in tough political position and i think he's going to have a hard time wing reelection. >> neil: you think the republicans pursuing this saying this is a game changer, you should step down, are wasting their time. there are pleasant of other unproper things. >> senator reid is the gift that keeps giving to the republicans. he has not proven himself to be a leader and not listening to the constituents of nevada and i don't think he's doing the right thing for the country. having said that what i said was wrong. and i'm glad he apologized for it and i am troubled that the democrats are practicing hypocrisy by not calling it what it is. i don't think it's a fireable offense. >> neil: all right. andy card, thank you very much. happy new year. >> thank you very much, kneel. >> neil.
about how big a deal scott brown is in washington. don't believe me, believe nancy. >> in its present form without any change, i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. >> neil: nancy saying that hours after scott was saying this. >> everybody's a 41st vote now and i don't think it's just republicans. there's a sense not only in massachusetts but around the country that the back room deals and lack of transparency and solving problems is getting old. >> neil: get ready, washington is getting a revolution and one mike huckabee saw it coming. former governor and fox host joining me. stuff you saw come something materializing. what do you make of them retrenching? >> it's a first sign of reality that they expressed in months. they have been pushing this healthcare bill nobody wanted and listened only to themselves. and they've even really kind of hidden themselves from the very people they work for. their bosses. they don't want town meetings or go to the districts. they stayed until christmas eve. i'm not sure santa claus showed up but the election was an inescap
. first from washington to the white house and huddle. no sooner had the president addressed the nation on helping haiti then he was behind closed doors helping democrats save healthcare. tonight the first indications who is being saved and let's say they're friends of the president. welcome, i'm neil cavuto. chalk one up for the unions. not fans of the cadillac healthcare tax that create the friction. nancy pelosi pushing hard to exempt them and the president may be ready to crack indians are poised to walk scot-free on paying anything at all. former vice president is ticked off now because dan quayle is here and only here now. joining me i'm happy to say, former vice president of these united states, dan quayle. >> good to see you. >> neil: you always have a day where you have a crisis and a few miles away from our shores and then the crisis domestically. that's when you test presidential leadership. >> is shows how many things the president has to do in a day. and he gets up in the morning and he says here's my schedule. here's the agenda and guess what, the agenda is shaped by event
call now or visit lifelock.com. ♪ jim zorn is out as head coach of the washington redskins. janet napolitano still in as head coach of homeland security. he lost some gains and lost his job. she could have lost a lot more and keeps hers. welcome, everybody on the old cavuto. happy new year. one is a game and the other increasingly looking like one as the white house continues to promise action on getting to the bottom of a systemic breakdown in security that almost brought down a plane on christmas day but that has yet to bring down any administration official right to this day even though former senator alphonse suggests a way we could do it. you have an idea. >> i certainly do. let me say this to you. number one, napolitano not just because of this incident and the breakdown but because after the breakdown place comes out, she rushes out to say well, the system worked. that demonstrates a total lack of understanding. that demonstrates i want to try to put out a political statement to cover it up as opposed to what the president said that this was a systemic failure and that is w
or find a different solution from the president? >> not at all i've one an independent voice in washington since i there in january. i did not support the tax on -- of 90% on people who got bonuses. i do not support a lot of the initiatives going against the banking industry now. this is the lifeblood of new york city, financial services industry. 70,000 people from my district work there everyday. >> neil: what do they tell you when the president talks about bankers and brokers equivalent of satan and all of that? what do you say? these are your constituents, what do you say? >> what i say is that i don't adopt populist rhetoric or put blame on one very important sector of our economy. i came into the city council in 2003 right after 9/11 they -- in 2002 right after 9/11. we climbed out quicker because of a financial services rebound. the engine to do that is the financial services industry. we need regulation, yes. we can't throw the baby out with the bathwater. we can't put arbitrary limits on the sides of banks we have to do things that make sense so these great companies can move forw
massachusetts the president appears to be doubling down in washington. doubling the child care tax credit for families earning under $85,000, putting up $1.6 billion for child care programs on top of 100 million for elder care and tens of millions more slapping down a cap on student loan payments a risky gamble. we thought about it. who better to judge it than a risky gam letter. anthony curtis is a blackjack champ extraordinaire and joins us now. anthony, is this a gamble what he's doing? [ laughter ] everything in politics and business is a gamble these days. sure it is. >> i guess it is. >> i need to check your expertise because i could book congressmen and i do and i have and i will. but i need to know from your mindset whether a gamble that appears to be a gamble is a gamble or it's a actually a shrewd move. when you are making a bet, what goes into your mind? you are convinced of what when you put the money down? >> well, there are couple of kind of gamblers. the gamblers most of us know are people that come to vegas or atlanta city or wherever and they're there for entertainment, t
in washington in general. scott brown, you were instrumental with helping women get elected. he singled you out more than anyone else making that possible. has -- has apparently not reverberated enough to the powers that be in washington to slow spending, no humbling moment yesterday or by nancy pelosi today. they seem to be doubling down. the president committing billions for a national rail project. nancy pelosi, another 300 billion-dollar on top of the money already allocated or she wants to be allocated to healthcare on the same day they raise the debt ceiling and the senate nixes the government freeze on spending for nondiscretionary programs. something is not connecting. >> well they don't get it. they frankly don't understand the scott brown phenomenon and people don't want to see government getting larger and larger. the people in the country are not happy with the debt and realize when people borrowed too much they lost their homes. when businesses borrowed too much they went out of business and country is doing the same thing and they're concerned about the future of the country. righ
. no response yet. >> what do americans want more than anything else from washington, d.c.? number one, accountability. if you say what you mean, you better mean what you say. he said i was going to use c-span, and again and again and again -- i think he had it six times. american people say open it up on c-span. brian was smart to challenge him. the second thing they want is to be heard. they want washington, not just to listen, but actually hear what the public is saying. they feel like they're being shut out. they're being denied the opportunity to hear the debate. and third, it makes them very nervous when you've got a piece of legislation that is 2,000 pages long. the bible isn't 2,000 pages and that tells the story of thousands of years, tens of hundreds of thousands of years. whatever it is. that's why the american people are so fed up. that's why congress's numbers are back to where they were in 2006. >> neil: republicans numbers are too. >> because they see the republicans, democrats and the american people are saying -- >> that's what the tea party guys seem to be making of i
to do in washington to get jobs. >> i think we can all agree -- most of us can agree on democrats, republicans, people in the country, is it's time to move off this and get back on to the protecting this country and the economy. >> neil: so you would make terror a focal point. >> certainly. >> neil: you argue that hides the mission or distorts it. >> we have got bipartisan efforts now to get the president to do something about iran in terms of sanctions. which just got a report today, just came out, that we're totally unprepared for a major biological attack. our justice department treats terrorists like a drugstore robber and we don't interrogate them an use the tools available. they really are still clueless about it and it comes from a liberal mindset. he's trying to take the country further to the left than it wants to go. it's a center of conservative electorate. they were concerned about the economy and it dropped out in the last election. they wanted some change. the republicans have been in to two terms. it was time to change. that's the reason he got elected. >> neil: he
. >> neil: well, never mind they paid back the tarp loans with interest. washington interested in having to pay back more. the white house looking at imposing $120 billion in new fees on banks that benefitted from tarp to pay back tarp. yep. even those banks that already did pay back tarp. so who is really getting zoomed here? the banks that could use the money to make more loans or the customers who likely have a tougher time now getting those loans? dave ramsey knows, he's simulcasting. and you can catch him on the hit show on fox business network. dave, it's just odd. i know everyone likes to bust the banks. man, they can't win for even paying the money back! >> you know, we had to have them, they had to stay open, so let's keep them open. why? so we can punish them later for doing what they do, which is what bankers are out there to make money. you know, it all kind of comes back to this bow this bo thing floating around. it guess the obama administration is scared to death that it will look like a bailed out companies issues a bunch of bonuses, and if they still owe we the taxpayer
for the washington examiner. what's the game plan? >> a couple of plan b's. we night be to plan d now allowing passing it with a parliamentary trick in the senate. what democrats are talking about is taking the healthcare bill the senate passed on christmas eve and passing it through the house. not making any changes that happened in the secret negotiations that have gone on with labor leaders and other groups since christmas and passing it intact because in scott brown gets into the senate, there's no way the president and democrats can get a bill through. >> that original plan, if memory serves me right, did not include a public option and did not include the 5.8% surtax on the very rich. the house plan does. then what? what is the look hood of passage assuming they tried to vote? >> if they tried to vote in the house, speaker pelosi has the advantage of the threat it would be impossible to pass through the senate. the argument from democratic strategists and veterans of moving complicated legislation on the hill is she and the president can use this as a threat that if liberals don't vote f
. it bet they can hear this cheering all the way in washington, d.c.! >> neil: which has minnesota governor pawlente wondering what we'll be watching a year from now. thank you for coming. >> thank you for having me. >> neil: if we learn anything is times can change and issues change fast and fate and fortune change even faster. what do republicans do now? >> first, the republicans should slel brate the victory for senate-elect scott brown but this is about the country pushing back from the democrats and the congressional leadership of pelosi and reid offered up. it's a rejection of that approach and erejection of the extremism from the left. it's also a republican opportunity to say the country may not sling back to being republicans o s automatically but we have an opportunity to give our case why we want the opportunity to govern and lead again. so we have to be more than opposing. now is a good time to lay out affirmative positive issue for the country, starting with healthcare. >> neil: it's interesting, when the senator made his comments this morning a day after, he was not saying he
until weeks after the election. what is being done right now to insure the winner heads to washington, asap. former president bush regretting starting tarp with this new bank tax? we'll talk to one of his top officials after this. >>> massachusetts right now where the republican senate candidate scott brown closing in. democrats going all out, release ago web ad supporting martha coakley today and bringing in bill clinton in the flesh. secretary of state saying it could take weeks to seat the winner. this is a former democratic congressman. good to have you. >> great to be with you. >> you're trying to make sure that whoever is seated is seated promptly. right? >> that's exactly right. constitution says we're a nation that wants its government to be for the people and by the people and when the people go through the process of election and particularly up in massachusetts where they've had elections for many years, the outcome of that election, once it's known, should not be delayed by the democrats or the republicans. common cause is a nonpartisan, bipartisan organization, it believe
dangerous, in a moment. >> to washington, democratic leaders are back at the white house and behind closed doors wheeling and kneeling on healthcare. coming up with a way to pay for the $60 billion break with unions. i'm neil cavuto. remember this. >> we cannot go back to business as usual. we have refused to go along with business at usual. business as usual. american people can't afford business as usually. >> mike huckabee says it sounds like business as usual to him. joining me right now, well, you got to think when you say those remarks in the context of a speech where you do cut deals. >> deals being cut, that is business as usual. what is differently is these deals are bribes. this is a case of saying we'll give you wash -- what do you know, 100 billion-dollar in 200 billion-dollar in what does it take to get your vote? it's not -- all that unusual. this white house has been less transparent than the one they were so critical of. secondly, it's being done in a context of completely broken promises where they were adamant, almost with a sense of pride. we won't be like those guys and
spenders out of washington. for them it isn't about blue or red, it's about green, your green. dale mccoy is a democratic tea party activist and mark is national coordinator for tea party patriots. dale, to you first. your message is to get them to quit spending. how are you going to do that? how are you going to pressure the politicians to get the spending down? >> well, we are going to continue to organize, we are going to continue to do what we've been doing, and i think that they are counting on us to back off or feel that we are just not being heard. but i can assure you that this fight isn't over, this fight just started. >> i'm told you have 15 million members, dale. is that accurate? can we expect those kind of numbers in the field come election year? >> i would tell you that i expect us to vote in droves. you know, there may be some disagreements, but this is not a republican or democrat thing. and if you give us a candidate that believes in constitutional values, fiscal responsibility we will back that candidate and you can expect a huge turnout. >> mark, i have to ask the qu
that worked this is is a -- is a system that failed. all the monkeying in washington and tinkering with this is not going to create jobs. we're going to have a huge economic downturn just like we did post-9/11. >> what you got going this weekend? >> we're going to talk to the former direct of security for lli airlines. flown with them many times. they profile everybody. but they don't make everybody go through all the procedures. they do some screening and they profile. and if they think you're a threat -- i'm pretty sure they would think you are, neil -- beat the hell out of you. >> they really do. >> but when you get on that airplane, there's two things you know. everyone else has been given the third degree and you're pretty safe and there's an armed sky marshall on that plane. somebody try something he better be quick because the guy's gonna get shot before he gets it. >> 76th birthday for elvis today. we'll do a little tribute. >> please tell me you're not -- >> i wouldn't do that to the "fox news" channel. i like my job. i like employment. not going to the ranks of unemployed
" covering it in washington and the president singles out those nine supreme court justices. >> horrible. >> neil: leaving aside the accuracy of what he said, which you want to get into, the theater of that. everyone standing up and surrounding the guys, what did you make of that? >> i thought it was horrible. it argued in the supreme court. it's one of the great highlights of my career as a lawyer, when i was in the reagan administration. brought my mother to watch me argue. when he said it, i was on an airplane watching it on airplane. i kind of lost it. for two reasons. first of all, embracing the supreme court of the united states in a partisan -- here is the president talking about wanting to be bipartisan. and he makes this like unprecedented partisan attack on the supreme court so that his congressmen and senators who agree with him, not the republicans all get up and cheer. they are leaning over them and cheering. >> neil: your issue was this was false, that they were not giving a green light to government -- >> dead wrong. i mean the president is going to do that, my goodness, y
and the embassy in nigeria reports this back to washington, the first thing that should have happened was looking at his visa, then cancelling it, then putting him on the no-fly list, that could have been done based on the father's report alone. but then when we get intelligence of yemen about using a nigerian making an attack on the united states, for sure we should have cancelled his visa instead of saying, well, we'll look at his visa again after it's expired. because the results of that was 300 people on the plane almost expired. so this is a very big wake-up call. and the first place we should wake up is to toss out the views of the so-called privacy advocates who have been hangin' around the fringes of this question for the last five years, a body scan with the technology today doesn't invade anybody's privacy. you can't tell whether it's a man or a woman. >> but yet it's these privacy groups, governor, that still make a big deal of it. we're just getting word that the minneapolis airport. more on that. we'll let you know but it's on the heels of this disruption in newark a couple days ago.
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